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WordPress Website Design

Are you looking for a creative WordPress Website Design?

So, here is the question for you! Do you want an innovative WordPress website design? That effectively capture your brand and it help to improve your conversion rate. In short if you want to grow your business through high quality WordPress Website Design, you must read these post.

Why a better Website design important to your business?

Considering your business revenue, a better web design is the first interaction customers with your brand, means according to a Web Design study 90% of impression is directly related your highly designed website.

And this is the reason most of the companies are focusing on a high-quality website design. They consider how to beautifully and effectively show their products and service on website that capture more attention.

What makes a good WordPress website design?

To be honest when a client say ” i need a good website design” , so, what exactly that mean? the challenge for website developer is finding client business requirement without asking a single direct question. simply if any client say properly every things, then there is only 50% need for a developer. so the thing is what makes a good WordPress website? many factors can be considered for good website. like below

  • Responsive layout Design
  • Eye catching color & Images
  • Better user friendly
  • Easily accessible all available information
  • Easily return home page (Max in three times click)
  • A well structured designed Blog post page
  • SEO friendly
  • Security
  • and more you will see in this post

Why you should invest in WordPress Website design?

WordPress is a most powerful CMS which is covering almost 33% of total website available on internet. This is because WordPress give your super flexibility and it is very friendly to use for non-technical person also. So, you are not alone who choose website design in WordPress. Millions of people love to run their business & blog with WordPress. Here is some popular example of WordPress website.

You can see here the official show case which say there are 500+ Fortune websites are running with WordPress.

What is the essential part of WordPress website design?

When it comes to design an innovative WordPress website, we always consider client’s business need and their client expectation. We believe a website design should always impress search engine & your target audiences. Below there are some most popular essentials that need to power website design.

SEO Optimization in WordPress website Design

To maximize and improve your website design result, it is important to adhere search engine ranking factor, means a good practice of search engine optimization. a website will never rank on search engine if ranking factors not considered while designing a website.

Search engine optimization score to determine that website design is ok

29% of Smart phone users will immediately switch another website or application if it does not satisfy their needs. (For example can not find information or the site too slow to load) see Study here!

A well designed website performance and SEO score in web.dev

Website Pages design that generate more leads

website performance with Google analytics.

Every pages of a website should always capture target audience’s attention. We design every pages of website with well-structured responsive layout. Whether you are a small business owner, or a service provider or you have an eCommerce platform. our well designed web pages always give a meaning-full communication of your business and it’s vision.

Customized Style for better branding

A well customized style improves your brand conversion rate. Hundreds of styles we have tested & crafted for every type of products and services. You can hire us to for demo.

Screenshot (Page style)

Responsive website design

A Google study said that 80% of traffic on internet comes from Mobile devices. Which means most of the people are using only mobile to search or read anything. So, it is very essential that a Website development should always focus on Responsive mobile design. Recently Google announced that SEO will be considering if your website design is Mobile responsive means Mobile-first index.

Screenshot (Responsive design) and Graph – Desktop vs Mobile

eCommerce Functionality

We offer variety of solution and option in building an eCommerce website.in this functionality we design creative and effective layout style that impress your target audiences to click on BUY BUTTON.  The eCommerce web design provides many style and layout for your product and services. The design is super flexible and user friendly which give full freedom to see any products on website and purchase with easy payment option

a Well designed eCommerce website for your products and service.

Sign up Form

The age of “Please click here to receive our newsletter” gone. It’s time to collect your visitors email id with new way.

Subscription option

This is one of the most powerful essential in development of WordPress website. this features help to increase conversion rate .A Subscription form allow your website visitors to sign up for your blog post or newsletter.

a Subscription form in website to collect email from website visitors.

Anti-spam contact Form

Anti-spam contact form protect your site from entering of spam details into your website. a contact form on your website with recaptcha keep your site safe and secure.

Social Media Shearing option

social media shearing button on your blog post

Cool features in web design service. social media sharing option give full freedom to your website visitors to share your post easily on social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. so a great contents always improve your social media marketing strategy also.

Easy to commenting

Commenting option in web design is one of the cool features that allow your audiences to write their feedback or message in comment box, just below of your post end. also anyone can react on others comments like : Reply, like and Dislike

Regular ping to Google, Yahoo and Bing

When it comes to develop a website, it is important to tell search engines for your website availability. to do this webmaster tool help. it help to monitor your website performance as well as it allow to visibility on search engine.

Well-Structured Blog post page

75% of people do not like a puzzled structured blog page. therefor we design blog page considering a user friendly structure, in which it is very easy to see all the contents, category, tag etc. when all the blog information found in one page, it’s good to jump quickly where you want.

a well designed blog page in two columns,

Chatting option with your website visitors: with easy step

If you are a service provider or want to sale product online, this feature (Add-on Monthly/Yearly price) will help you to grow your business and increase your conversion rate. anyone can quickly talk with you 24 X 7 related to your products and services.

live chat bot for WordPress website

Auto shearing your contents on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Those days gone, when you copy your content and paste on social media. now your contents like article, product, service will be auto share to social Media while you publish on your website.

Collect live Feedback from your website visitors: With Easy Step

Again if you are a product or service provider or anyone, this feature will boost your conversion rate. this feature is very helpful for eCommerce website or for blogger to collect email address.

Google Analytics.

If you are not a part of Google, there is very low (almost 0%) to grow your online business or maintaining your online presence. we integrate Google analytics tool which help you to monitor your website performance. for example which page of your blog is generating more traffic and where the traffic come from like Browser, country, user details etc.

More WordPress website Design: Special Purpose web design

There are some special focused custom website design which are for only one particular thing. we call it custom web design for special purpose. these are the below category. if you are from one of these option, this list will definitely work for you.

1. LMS System : Learning Management system.

A learning management system to provide online courses.

A LMS system (Learning Management system) allow you to create online courses like Udemy, simplilearn. WordPress give full freedom to design and develop a totally customized web Learning portal for you.

The thing is what makes a good LMS web design? There are several factors and features that can be consider when working on WordPress web design for LMS (Learning Management System). like creating courses easily and maintaining easily subscription including payment easily. some of the features that we develop for designing a dedicated web design for Learning management System.

Course Building Freedom

In our web design this is the dedicated features that you love. you will get a freedom to create unlimited courses with simple and easy step. However the course uploading on website is included in our web design package. you just need to provide all contents.

Manage Subscription

This is the features that you need. you can charge your audiences one-time for courses or can collect recurring payments like Monthly/yearly. you can set any price for unlimited courses.

Membership building

A Membership give a boost in your sale. it allow to create unlimited membership plan for unlimited courses. for example, a GOLD members can access any courses available on site while there will some limitation for SILVER Members.

Ability of course Bundle

You can sale your course individual or can offer them in a bundle. This feature will help to deliver whole things in a bundle. for example designing a Digital Marketing course bundle in which Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, Contents Marketing, Logo Designing, Search Engine optimization etc can be provide in one bundle. also with Membership option you can give access for a long time, in which your learner can take advantage of courses according their time availability.

Advanced Quizzing system

This feature in LMS web creation help you to run quizzes in many custom format like custom messages to your student, trainee or providing question banks etc.

Drip-Feed course contents

If you have made a schedule for your courses lesson, you can restrict those chapter/lesson by drip-systems.

Front-end users Profiles

This features in LMS web design give ability to manage profiles, like which courses are currently active users, what is progress status, the Performance of Quiz and printing facility of certificates etc. as a website owner you can also manage users profile like Assigning a Group, can enroll or un-enroll, can give authority to re-print the certificates and also can delete or modify user date like ID, Password etc.

Email Notification Service

An email Notification service allow to give notification to users for new courses. also reminder or notification of course status. this feature also provide super power to set an auto email notification for each activity to users.


For any trainer a Forum option in web design always help to get connected to each student. it can be by creating a private or public forum where all trainee can connect to each-other. for example a Messenger group.

Grading System

A Grading system allow you to give Grade by providing assignment or quiz.

Give award to your trainee

Not only this feature will make crazy your audiences it will also increase your conversion rate. sound good! you can set an award if a courses completed. like new course (free or Premium unlocking)

Certification and Badges

You can provide a result/award by providing certification for your courses completion.

2. Membership website development.

This type of website is very popular and it is the most usable features in many categories. like i explained above a course can be sale by providing membership. a membership website design can be top development considering the clients need. because most of the time (in my Business career) client demand multiple logic to implement.

for example a client of mine was demand me to design a system that here customer can take benefit of 50% off on all events tickets with GOLD Membership. Yes! that was done. so the requirement of a Membership website is just to restrict your website contents for unauthorized visitors. for example you are not registered as a Member of website, so you can not access My latest Pro videos, Best Post and other premium courses etc. in short every things can be drip for unauthorized visitors. so coming to the features benefit,i have explained the below some essential features that you love in custom web design.

Easy to get register on your site for membership

With simple registration form, anyone can register for a Membership on your website. after registration process there will auto-approval (When email id confirmed) and also manually which will done by website owner.

Members Directory

It’s work like you are on a social Media. a website members can see easily all registered members profile and chat with private or group message. the members directory will have a custom design interface where anyone can search members by Name, Company, country etc.

Role selection freedom

A Role selection features allow to assign default role, or any specific role while they register on your website as a member.

Mange user account from Front-end

This is a front-end features in Membership website design which allow to members to manage their own account. for example deleting account, reset password etc. also they can choose the option of privacy, where they can restrict whether the profile should be private or public.

Email service and more

In Membership web design, an email service is big essential that improve website life. this feature give the full control of members activities, for example- Account registration welcome email, approved account email, account active email, deleting account, reset password and more.

3. Listing or Directory Web development

listing or directory website, searching city products and services

Probably you may listen or seen it. based on scenario a directory website are using in many cases. for example Yellowpage, Zomoto or any other website where you can search or find any type of service or business. those sites comes under directories

Technically Directory website work as a Database where any business/service category can be listed. when it comes to develop such custom website project, these are below essential should be consider. we create end-to-end solution for a listing website design.

  • Payment/subscription options : it will charge monthly/yearly for listing any service.
  • Searching service based on location filter
  • Customized and simple listing registration form
  • Managing easily all the listed service and business.
  • Review and rating option to encourage any service and business
  • Full access to manage all listed service with website Admin level also.
  • Media support listing which allow to upload service/products/business photos/videos.

4. Booking systems

Now a days booking systems are the most popular demanding web service. not only this type of system work for big business, it is also well for small and home business. recently on a social Media group one of the guy approached me to give solution for his clients who had 5 car and want to develop a website to run his car rent booking business. so booking system range may be Hotel Room Booking system, Table booking system in a restaurants, ticket booking for events and movies. we have solution for any kind of booking system.

5. Events Planning and selling Tickets.

You can take example of eventbrite where you can search any kind of events near by you and can purchase a tickets. our first project was very experienced which was developed for a Women Entrepreneur in Canada(The savvy Network). in developing a Events planning website there are many essential that we take care. for example displaying all the events in proper calendar along with search field by many categories, providing each events proper information like where the events, the venue, tickets price etc.

Why choose us for a creative WordPress website Design?

To be just a reminder, let me again tell here that WordPress is super flexible to run your business or Blog. And we are the guy who know the WordPress from born to till. We know what’s really works and what does not. When it’s comes to choose a WordPress website development freelancer or a Website design agency there are some factors to be consider. These are the below things that makes us perfect in web development services.

Highly creative website design

Designing a website in WordPress gives you, the ability to grow your business. We ensure your business need and design a custom WordPress website.

We focus on website speed.

WordPress is a powerful CMS and load very fast on search engine, but depends on business need, most of the time it is important to focus on design website with lightweight and recommended SEO factors.

High Visibility

Our custom web design helps to grow your visibility on search engine. We design very carefully. WordPress give ability to optimize your website in Search engine.

Increase your conversion rate

Whether you running an online business or you are a good writer who deliver high quality contents every day, the thing is you will not like, if your website visitor returns without any “Call to action” activity. Not only we care high quality web design but also take care of website visitors’ mood. We help you to create a high-quality content with SEO strategy. And this user-friendly website can easily have converted your visitors to customers, or adding them in newsletter mailing list as new subscriber.

Screenshot (Call to Action, Subscription button with free stuff, Feedback from,

We optimize your user Experience

search optimized website design with A grade

This is an open Global study that 85% of people shop to competitor if your website design does not allow a proper information flow. We take an example of Amazon eCommerce website, where each product has proper specification field, easy payment option and easy to read buyers review. And these things make your website design cool. we can improve user experience through better web development works.

We maximize your competitive edge

It’s literally that you are alone selling a products or service. Obviously, you have many competitors. So, what make you best in any competitions, on this thing we focus while design an innovative Website. We analysis market and user experience on daily basic and it help us to improve more and give somethings creative and innovative. So, remember selling process on website should be unique, user friendly whether you have best quality products or services.

Rank on Search Engine

SEO performance on Google

For the information more than 15 cr. visiting monthly on Google and moreover they are searching what they want. and the interesting thing is lots of websites are still not ranking because of poor web design. A responsive and SEO considering web design always recognize by Google.

You got a Question ? ask us. we love to talk with you!

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