Which is the best hosting plan for your eCommerce site?

Which is the best hosting plan for your eCommerce site?

Which is the best hosting plan for your eCommerce site?

Welcome again on Wp Changemaker, I am here with a new topic that Is “Which is best hosting plan for your eCommerce site”, I will explain whole things about the same. Keep reading and give a hug increment in your sale. If you are planning to set an online store on WordPress.

WordPress Is one of the best platforms which is currently using 33% of word wide website, This is why people use WordPress for eCommerce business.

We are doing two things on internet, first blogging and second selling somethings. Please do not confuse that lots of people also earning money by blogging.

Let me tell you some basic,

  1. One who earn some money by blogging method, it is not that he is selling, he is just promoting a product and getting a part of commission from his/her advertisement company (where he/she is partner with Affiliate Marketing)
  2. One who is real owner of a shop and want to sale products directly from his/her own website, it is called eCommerce business platform. And for eCommerce business you need a fast, secure and capable to sustain more traffic easily of your business website.

Before further activity, lets prepare some important task and consider these below things while buying a Hosting plan. (Note: I will explain best solution for all these below points and question.)

  1. Is your eCommerce site being fast responding? No one will take interest in your business products if your site is gone slow, so take care you are giving a fast serving website.
  2. Is your eCommerce site/Store being Safe and Secure? It is very important that you are loyal with your customers. I am telling about the personal and finance information of customer which are being provided on your site while purchasing something from your eCommerce store.
  3. Is your eCommerce store having a good look? Remember one thing a good-looking store always take attention of customers, so if you want set a dynamic good-looking store, please take a responsive theme/ or build better. For this you can refer Woo-commerce theme which is currently too popular among the people.

There are also some others things to consider while selecting hosting plan for your eCommerce website or Store, but these above are important. So, while choosing hosting plan then there are numbers of hosting provider out there, but a few are I will recommend because of my own and other people experience.

SiteGround, Bluehost and Dreamhost are officially recommended by WordPress.org and I will let you know that which one will better for you.

SITEGROUND HOSTING: when it comes to make a fast-responsive eCommerce store on WordPress, SiteGround is the best option here.

Recently SiteGround announced that, more then 2,000,000+ website are hosting on their Hosting server, and this is the indication that why people love SIteGround. They have full service of your any type of WordPress site. From Automated WordPress installation to free WordPress site Transfer, Security and Updates and the good performance features.  They provide awesome free tool (including in your WordPress Hosting Plan) like Free SSL Certificate, Daily Backups, Email Service, Staging tool, Dev Toolkit and Free CDN(Cloudflare). And if are new and do not know how to set up your WordPress site then they have a cool tool “WordPress Starter”, in which you can set up your WordPress site easily. It has three Plan starting with $3.95. you can check this here.

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