This Man is a SEO tool himself
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This Man is a SEO tool himself

We Know very well, that if we want rank our site in search engine then we need to focus on SEO (Search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that you need at every level of working with your site. whether you are a good writer, but the thing is you have to write according to Google ranking factors (or any other search engine’s ranking factor) and it help you to rank your site and contents in search engine. there is no technical background if you think about me, but i have learnt by some Masters in this world. and you have also opportunity for the same. in this journey of post i will talk about the person who is a SEO tool himself.

Neil Patel who deserve the ” A Man Who is SEO tool himself.

Millions of words will fall short to explore the excellence of Neil. sound good ! a lot more about Neil. New York Time recognized him the best selling author. The wall street Journal calls him the top Influencer on the internet. according to Forbes he comes from the top ten online marketers under age of 30 who helped 100 of companies in making of growth and popularity on search

The Myth changed by Neil

I Personally and damn sure without a SEO tool/Keywords research you can not do much better, But within a one year of hard-work Neil achieved 3 millions plus views, the traffic 193% on his website and without any investment. yes literally he did not spent any dollar besides of his knowledge and skill.

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As i already mention that i can not explore too much Neil’s talents. because he is one of the top recognized face on internet. whatever i am going to search for a successful blog solution, he is damn available everywhere. Is there any magic using by Neil? who is this guy ? see an example for SEO analysis and i got him one top.

SEO Analysis by Neil Patel

wait.. if you want to take advantage of best online marketing, you will also found Neil on # 1 ranking. see the below example.

online marketing by neil

# 1 Ranking for online Marketing for

The Secret of # 1 Ranking of Neil

Before exploring the mystery of # 1 ranking of Neil, let me tell you that he is also a simple guy who say about himself that he is not more smarter then you. but he does his work so smartly and this is the reason of # 1 ranking. he was passionate about Digital Marketing so he started this journey from 2001, and in this log journey he better know what really works and what does not.

No doubt in the beginning of his career he had also lost too much money but did not get expected results. and this was the turning point he decide to change the myth by his own. He knew soon that Backlink is a essential elements to help for ranking therefor he started working on getting high quality backlins to his site. it was top task because backlinks work when same topic refer your site from another site with same topics means from your competitor. Neil call it shoulder Niche in which he create high quality contents and with help of Buzzsumo (only free) he target some of closely contents. you will love his cheat sheet where he craft how you can achieve more traffic on your blog. To rank or your contents appear in search engine you need to focus on Google 200 Ranking Factor which is also too hard to cover all the 200 factors for Neil also. but got the same result with some smartly strategies. because let me tell you again, he know that how Google Search Engine really works.

Journey of Digital Marketing of Neil Patel

Just be sure, we all need digital Marketing with best strategies to promote our service, Products or contents. and when it comes to know about the journey and successes in digital Marketing then some big companies come in list like Google (don not Surprise, Yes!) , General Motors, NBC, eBay, Facebook, airbnb and many more. He known as Founder of Neil Patel Digital where he serves thousand of companies with his excellence team. i still remember his Instagram Quote

Remember, The Best results will come Months or Years after You click Publish.

Neil Patel.

The Free tools from Neil

In today market, first we try the free basic version of any tool and later after a fix period we will be ask ” If you want to more then you must try our Pro version”. and honestly i am agree tools like Keywords research, Contents analysis, Backlinks analysis and so on are really very essential resources to keep our online presence. after all these things Neil is providing SEO analyzer, A/b Testing Calculator, ubersuggest and Backlinks without paying anythings.

Hope you like this, if you think it can be share to more people, do it. I will also appreciate your comments below.

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