The Ultimate guide for WordPress SEO

The Ultimate guide for WordPress SEO

The Ultimate guide for WordPress SEO.

SEO or Search engine optimization is must important for getting more traffic on your blog or website. Because if you have a blog site then no one is aware about this, until you got rank in Search Engine. And it become more difficult for those guy who is not a web developer. But here is a good news that all things about SEO is so easy and friendly with WordPress. In this post i will explain some basic SEO setting which is must for Search Engine ranking for your Website or Blog.

Why SEO matter

There is some method which drive many search engines and it change time to time. But there also some important elements which help to people to find your site, And it includes Focus Keywords, Some quality contents and Good Index etc. So that these option (SEO Strategies) will help to build a site with higher rank in search engine with your site authority. You can make some changes/update the search engine visibility like, giving Meta Description for your site, giving a Permalink for your post and proving Focus keywords and tag in each of your new post. Check this below image and do it for your website and below.

Go to Setting in Your WordPress DashBoard & Click on General

In General Setting you can give your URL look, For Example add “www” (  most of searcher use www, so it is better to show your site with “www” prefix.

Customize Your Permalink

In WordPress this is the unique features that i love so much. So a Permalink show how your post heading look like. And i will suggest set permalink that include your post title because search engine can find this easily and rank. For this go to Setting and click on Permalink.(Setting>Permalink). In This select Post Name (Example :

Third Party SEO Plugin

The great thing is WordPress allow third part SEO setting, Which make your site visible in search engine and you get high ranking. to make it possible there are some best option like Yoast SEO Free and Pro Version. and All in One SEO Free and Pro version. by the help this SEO plugin, you can give a high ranking and visibility in search engine.





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