How to register a free Domain Name

How to register a free Domain Name

How to register a free Domain Name

Registering a domain is very easy. You need to just chose where you want to register your domain name like GoDaddy, and How to register a free Domain HostGator, Bluehost, Namecheap. Just search your desire domain name and make payment. You got your domain name (means your eCommerce site Name). don’t worry I will explain step by step without skipping any information.


A Domain is basically is your site name/Address like, where people visit & see what contents available there. For example, you have a shop where you sell Men Dress and you want to sell the products online by eCommerce site, so your site/Domain Address may be (according to your desire).


Here people always make mistake in choosing of domain name. as above I explain how you domain/site address should look like. Yes, it is very important to choose a domain/site Address which perfect suitable to your Business & products. For Example, you want to sell men fashion related products then your site should look like “Men Fashion” like


A Domain can be register from $12.0 on any available site, but there are few who provide domain in cheap rate. Grab the below offer.

For example, I am going to explain that how to register a domain from GoDaddy?


STEP 02- Search your desired domain in search box and click on search.

STEP 03- After Searching domain status (available or unavailable) will appear to continue

STEP 04- Once you got your domain name is available then click on Add to Cart. (the Domain Name will auto add to cart)

STEP 05- Click on Continue to cart and click on login. If you are new user on GoDaddy then simply click on Register and fill the required details. This will take minimum 5 minutes.

STEP 06- Once you log in, it will ask for payment.

STEP 07- Fill all the Payment related details and click on Pay. That’s it, you got your domain.

NOTE: During registration of Domain name, some extra service will be asking from GoDaddy (refer below image).  I will also explain what are these things and you should include this or not while purchasing domain?

Apart from Godaddy, you can register a free domain on SiteGround with WordPress hosting plan. For WordPress hosting Siteground is better option and it is recommended by
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