How to increase traffic on your blog?
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How to increase traffic on your blog?

How to increase traffic on your blog?

Do you know the traffic on blog is the way of your success? Thousand of blogs are getting die in lack of good traffic, my first blog was also failed when I was not aware of this. And for this blog I use some proven method to generate traffic on my blog. Where starting a blog is easy, there gaining traffic is more challenging.

Increasing traffic on your blog is the biggest challenge for any bloggers whether they written high quality contents. Where SEO (Search Engine optimization) matter for traffic generation, there are also some essential way to get more traffic on your blog.

What really mean by traffic on your blog?

Traffic on your blog is the visitor’s numbers who are searching and giving time on your blog. The high numbers of visitor on your blog is called good traffic.

Why need traffic is necessary for blog?

The thing is why need traffic on your blog, so let me tell you, you have good decision to help out there from your blog platform, what happen if people don’t visit your site, no matter who you are and what you have to give people. A good traffic is something, which help you to grow and give confident to do more better.

How to gain traffic on your blog?

Search engine optimization is great way to gain traffic on your blog. But there is also some essential method as I mention above which help you to gain traffic on your blog. So, let me explain one by one


This is most common and best method to drive traffic on your blog. Quora is a loyal and trusted community in internet world, thousands of questions are asking in a second and the answer is also posting by the Quora community.

How work Quora

As the name, people ask questions and get answer at Quora. It has almost all the category covered. You can join free here and can build your community and drive traffic on your blog.

How Quora help to drive traffic?

When you join Quora and set up your profile, you will ask for your interest. Simply you need put the topic names which is your niche blog. This will help you to see the questions on your profile. After set up of your profile, you will ask for best answer on daily question Pop-up in your profile. You can write answer there and in answer also you can share link of your related blog post. There is something to take care, Quora is very strictly for their reputation and have strict policy. One of them is you can not share direct affiliate link in your answer or you can not share any link which directly related to a selling company.


Pinterest is quite different from Quora, but the purpose is same. You can be able to drive traffic from Pinterest also. the way of working Pinterest is very simple. You need to create a beautiful and eye-catching Pin and save into your Board. Here you don’t need to write to much like Quora. you will love my post step by step on how to share pin effectively.

2.3K Visitors in Just 2 weeks on Pinterest
  • Simply you need to create a Pin
  • Give an effective Headline that catch people attention.
  • Give short description about your Pin. (50+ words will better)
  • Now save.

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