How to customize WordPress Website
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How to customize WordPress Website

You feel very easy when you started your blog. But what happened when you realize that there is something missing in style of my website . It matter for people and also for Google that you have a good and responsive design

What is Style or design of a WordPress Website?

The overall layout of a website or the look is called Design.means how you show your front page , your daily blog post and the Negotiations Menu. These all things should clear without any distraction points.

So the question is how to change style of a WordPress Website?

Let me ask you, what do you really think that it is difficult or easy to give a good style to your blog? If you don’t have an answer then let me make you relaxing that you can give a shine style easily without any extra efforts. Technically it called Customization of theme. and i will explain step by step how you can change the style of your WordPress Website/theme. you can also skip this step because numbers of theme available (expert recommended resources) with your desire design, you can check here those theme. otherwise lets continue with my step by step guide.

Step 1

Login to your WordPress Dashboard (if you have not yet started your blog, you can take advantage here and can start your blog easily.

Step 2

Go to Appearance and after that click on Customization. in this section you are allow to customize your existing theme (depending on the limit).

How to customize your WordPress Theme
Step-2 (Appearance – customize)

Step 3

In this tutorial i am using OceanWP theme which is one of the best free WordPress theme. in this below image the highlighted function available in almost all free and premium theme. In Homepage Setting i have set my Static page which is designed by Elementor (you can hire us to design a static dynamic Website Page) . if you are familiar with these option then go ahead and click on General option.

How to customize your WordPress Theme

Step 4

In General option click on General Styling. you can change color of entire website. For example in this feature you can change your link color, Button color and also with hover option.

How to customize your WordPress Theme

Step 5

After customizing of color section click on General Setting just below of General Styling. in this feature you can layout of blog ,post and the widget. for example i select the SEPARATE option and the outside color i set light black and the inside color, i set white.

How to customize your WordPress Theme

When you go below in the same section, you can also change the layout option , for example- you want to show the post first and after that the widgets on right side. there are total 5 layout option available in this feature so you can change accordingly. after finishing this section click on Publish and take review of your website.

How to customize your WordPress Theme

Step 6

Now this time to click on Page Title just below the General Settings. in this section you can change background and text color of your website page.apart from this you can allocate Category or Tags for 404 Errors.

Step 7

Click on Scroll to top. in this section you can customize the Scrolling button ,like changing the design, color etc. after setting, Publish the website.

How to customize your WordPress Theme

Extra Bonus (Expert recommendation)

If you don’t want to waste your time in customization of your WordPress Website, buy the Astra theme which comes with light weight less then KB and the beautiful thing is it comes with your favorite page builder tools Elementor. so you can easily customize your site without single coding.

Hope this was beneficial for you. if you have any suggestion please feel free to write in comment section. Thanks

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