How to become Master in Affiliate Marketing

How to become Master in Affiliate Marketing

The useful Proven strategies that really works if you want to make a passive income in Affiliate marketing.

Probably you have heard or some you know very well the taste or flavor of Affiliate marketing, or how challenging it to earn some money. And I can imagine what’s going in your mind that “how you can earn money from affiliate Marketing”?

If this post is first in search of affiliate marketing myth, this will be the last. I will explain every inch of affiliate marketing. How it works and how you can start with that? The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is you don’t need to design or produce any products or service, or maintaining inventory for the same. The things you need to do, is promoting right products and service in right way. Many people (today also) have some wrong method to earn money, they first think money with wrong recommendations.   I believe the “Recommendation of any products or service” is something which comes with your efforts, your experience and the real outcome which you have gain in that. If the products or service are proven good for you, this will also will work for others. Later in this post I will show how you should promote affiliate products in right way

What you should need to learn in Affiliate Marketing?

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How affiliate Marketing works?
  • When you can start for Affiliate Marketing?
  • Where to start Affiliate Marketing?
  • Which strategies all Entrepreneurs use?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process in which you promote others products or services on your platform for some commission.  For example, you have your own website/blog on health, fitness and Lifestyle on which you deliver contents about how to stay healthy, what to wear in summer season. These all contents come with some resources of food, dress, fitness accessories etc. so when you recommend these things through your entire contents, called Affiliate Marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing works?

This is very oldest method that you recommend others you get a commission. You probably heard someone to buy things from a specific shop. It means the person is happy with products quality and want to share this to others people. So how Affiliate marketing works on internet? When you registered others company (which have affiliate Program) based on your niche blog (for example: Fashion and Lifestyle), you get a unique referral link, which allow you to track clicks/Sign up/and Purchased from your blog. For example, I am recommending “the best WordPress hosting” through a contents. So the affiliate link will look like this . What will do, will insert this link somewhere (where the chances of click are high), if someone feel good and purchased a product by clicking on this link, I will get a commission. When you can start Affiliate Marketing

Now you understand the Affiliate Marketing and How it works. Now it’s time to understand when you can start Affiliate Marketing. This is the important part in making passive income. So before starting make sure you have a Blog/Social Medial with large numbers of followers. When a blog or social media has large numbers of traffic, the chances of gain income are high.  Why the traffic important? see when you registered for an Affiliate Program, the application accepted when your site has good traffic and good contents. if you don’t know how to stat a Blog, you can refer this guide.

Where to start Affiliate Marketing?

Finding right place for promoting product and service can be serious job for you. Many scams are running around you, they also provide Affiliate program. You promote their products and service with your efforts, labor and lastly you don’t get any things from, no matter how much your sale. But you don’t need worry, I know some good popular platform which allow you to promote their products on your own website and blog. For example: Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction(cj), and all these are trusted and good if you are generating passive income. You can refer this fill guide (how to sign up and promote good products) in my eBook, The ultimate guide of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Which strategies all Entrepreneurs use?

When it comes to promote any products and service, many of us did not get right method. As above I’ve mention that, promoting products is something you know what that is, how that product was useful for you and how this will work for others to power his/her desire or requirements. So the important part is promoting only those products or service which you have tried yourself and you have good experience with that. If you write a products review than it should be clear what you are saying and recommending. Direct recommendation will make you unsuccessful. You must follow a Format of crafting a contents/Products review like below.

1) Write an eye catching headline

While people search for something on internet, they first see the headline. So it is good practice to write an eye catching headline.

2) Write small and effective starting paragraph-

when good starting seen in your blog post, people take interest to read whole.

3) Be clear and give a list, that you will explain in details: 

It is good practice if you are providing a list of contents which you are going explain in below post(for Products review) like I provide a list of contents in starting of this post.

4) Start writing in details: Now start crafting with all details points wise.

People love to see screen shot and images of products, so make sure you are providing same.

5) Feedback from others

it is not necessary that, someone will trust you in first time, whether you are really right , but to make it possible quickly make sure you are providing some feedback from other’s , because this things will take attention of your reader and build a trust.

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