How to become a winner in 2019 blogging
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How to become a winner in 2019 blogging

I am regular reader and love to write at Quora community. There I found an question having a deep meaning of blogging. The question was

Do you really believe that all niche will work for a full time income source in 2019 of blogging career ?

(Remind me I will also explain why some niche will not work for blogging as full time income)

Let me uncover it technically that, it is right or wrong.

Everyone want to see their blog successful. Whether it has any niche like Lifestyle, Food & Nutrition, Fashion , Science, or Entertainment. Each niche has their own meaning of attraction. Because clearly, different types of people live in this world. So in-fact some of them love to read about lifestyle, relationship, fashion and entertainment. So the mind set of people will never change.

If in this world, people want to read or learn only Lifestyle so of course besides this any niche will never work, which is technically and practically not correct.

People has a common behave that make them to search many solutions or information for one single thing & this why the possibility of being found is positive in search engines.


So any niche you have selected or you can make that perfectly, will work in 2019 or in any year.

What about a full time income source as blogger?

I believe in practical and technically it is possible to make a full time Job in blogging career. But I never suggest to do it full-time from beginning. Let me say that I invest my mind and 6 years of education in science and my teacher always taught me to think negative in some of the field. If you can’t think negative you will not be able to find the right solutions. You probably heard “if this is not done then what to do ?”. The thing is you must consider your risk and take negative things positively. What I am saying give a few hours of thinking to make right strategy. Honesty when you give a few hours (but seriously) it will also give best results to your work.

Inspire yourself with each small response from your blog and this practice will make easy to see your blog as a full time income source.

You will also focus on these two things

Become Master in Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing : Reality vs Expectation.

The Success mood of Blogging

I am hearty a big fan of Strive Masiyiwa who is one of the popular Entrepreneur and Businessman. according him you must research about yourself first and the market monopoly. when you figure out in which field you are good do that thing honestly. If you want to make a full time career in blogging in any niche do the thing is which you are best and you must do.

General Planning : What to do ? and How to do ?

A smartly beginning : What you must do and how must do ?

The right way of beginning in Blogging

As i mention above any niche will never die in world because different type of people live here and of course they have different type mindset and choice. so you must first figure out these things if you want to make a blog.

  • Make a list of your interest/or in which field you can deliver you best.
  • List out the resources which need to make blog.
  • List out the target audiences sources/community.
  • Always give high quality contents : Some time it is difficult to write a killer contents even you have good knowledge.
  • Run your Blog with right Tools.
  • Join Social Media based on your Niche. like you should join Facebook group of Fashion Blog if your blog niche is Fashion and lifestyle.
  • Send traffic from Quora and Pinterest.

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