Back to the basic of social media marketing

Back to the basic of Social Media Marketing

Set Smart Goal for social media Marketing

Pop quiz, bet you didn’t see that coming when you clicked the link: why are you on social media in the first place? Why social media marketing is most important part of your business?

If your slightly jerked back in your chair and did one of the following: “Uhh…” or “Everyone else is on it,” you have a problem. Awareness is that step before you can acquire success. Without knowing why we are doing an action, we are almost always doing it wrong. 

The concept of SMART goals has been around for decades in every area of business, but they are so important to your social media presence today especially is this is the starting gate for your customer journey. 

In short, brands should set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

An example of a good SMART goal for social media marketing would be something like “We’ll increase our Facebook response rate by 20% by the end of the first quarter.”

  • Specific: “We’ve specifically identified the social channel (Facebook) and a metric (response rate).”
  • Measurable: “The response rate can be measured from the Facebook Analytics tool.”
  • Achievable: “We didn’t make an outrageous goal of say, a 100% increase in 10 days.” It needs to be attainable!
  • Relevant: “Our goal will have an impact on our overall social media presence, making it very relevant.”
  • Time-bound: “The goal has to be met by the end of the first quarter.”

Assigning your social media efforts a concrete purpose helps you avoid the trap of posting aimlessly and without any real success. Set aside time regularly to measure your SMART goal. Once you have achieved this set another one. Your goals should always cover these three following things:

  • Building social credibility
  • Creating interest and educating prospects
  • Providing relevant CTAs

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Happy Posting! 

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