Affiliate Marketing – Expectation vs Reality

Affiliate Marketing – Expectation vs Reality

Affiliate Marketing – Expectation vs Reality

What is the real meaning of Affiliate Marketing today’s among the people. you may probably heard about it, or you may have test this on your own tongue. the picture is so clear, in Affiliate Marketing you promote others products and you get a part of commission when the product sold with your unique link. you know also that what’s affiliate marketing & how its work, but still you have not a passive income. i am happy to see you here. i will explain what is reality ” Expectation vs Reality”

Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

I will say there are two things which can be consider as a meaning of Affiliate Marketing. The first, you are promoting,shearing or selling others company products from your own platform(blog,Website). And the second one is you directly supporting/helping to those company in selling their products & you got a commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

I covered already that, when someone purchased the product by your Affiliate link, you got a commission. So this is the method that it works.

The Myth among the people

There are some misconception regarding Affiliate Marketing and that is, You don’t need to design the product or maintain the inventory because the product is already designed & available. You just need to promote this. Technically it is right, But the reality is you need work too hard to promote the product than the company designed & produced.  So to be honest if you want to generate Passive income then, you need work hard than product designer & producer. And it depend how you craft the promotional material.

The Formula to getting Success in Affiliate Marketing

Not by myself, others successful people are using this formula to earn more and more. And what is that ? That is serving and helping your audience. If you are thinking how you can convert your Audience into customer who pay you ? don’t worry i have answer. If someone is really good in serving people then he/she also recommend you the products/service which he/she is using and doing good. And this is the reason i earned $2K from my Fav. hosting Provider company(SiteGround). Because i know that how Siteground is a best hosting for me, or for more then 2,000,000+ website in this world. Here the below are just quick review that can help you to generate passive income.

  1. Promote only those product which is tested by you.
  2. Always help to your audiences first.
  3. Before recommendation make sure you are clearing all the doubt of your audiences.
  4. Don’t fall down, if any company is giving you a hug money to promote their product. ( it happen when you have hug traffic on your site).

Have a Good time. If any Question please write me.



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